Just a…

This was written on 7/13.

I find the words “just a…” to be such a negative prelude. “Just a…” means you have no value beyond that. It belittles and limits us. Titles only capture a small part of us and when you throw in the “just a…”, it hides even more of our true cores. We are all so much more than “just a…”.

I am not sure if “just a…” is meant to be an insult but we all need to be aware of how two words can alienate and discourage without intent. When there is intent involved, it can destroy.

Today, I am more than “just a niece”.

One thought on “Just a…

  1. Thank you for this good reminder Tina. I think I shared with you that I was reminded how powerful the word “if” was when used in the wrong way with a friend recently. It’s hard work, but considering the words we use is important. For me it’s equally important to remember that sometimes we forget that and people say things that are not meant to hurt, so the intent part of your piece is also powerful. Thank you for sharing so we can all learn from your experience!

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