Distraction Dodo Birds & I Don’t Care Fairies

There is so much to do… why cant I focus in on the things I NEED to get done? I feel like I am jumping all around, bouncing from one project to the next without completing any of them.

On the way home from work, I am all enthused, thinking of what I am going to work on, ready to tackle it. As soon as I walk in the door, it is like someone has sprinkled “I don’t care fairy dust” all over the place.

I thought if I set small goals it might help. For example, each night I come home and spend two hours working on a specific room. Do what I can and after two hours, I get to watch Touched by An Angel. Goal and then reward.

Tonight… I fed the cats and then walked into the bathroom – Wednesday is bathroom day. Well it is on my “duty list” (or is that doodie?) HA. I know…that was a crappy joke. (oh my goodness… I love puns) Back to the topic at hand (see, I even get distracted in writing!). I sat on the edge of the tub and stared at the box of pills I gathered to take to the police station to dispose. I couldn’t take my eyes off those damn heart pills. I don’t remember exactly what was swirling around in my mind but I know those pills and Mark were front and center and 1/2 hour later, I was still staring. OK, so I stood up and put the pills in the car thinking that would prompt me to drop them off tomorrow AND get one more thing out of the way!! Whoo hoo, she is moving now! I came back in, cleaned my toilet and tub and then it hit me… I cant leave pills in the car overnight. Yes, the Distraction Dodo Birds are at play at my house!

Suddenly, I pictured someone (whose name remains unspoken- no not Voldemort) snooping around and breaking into my car just to get a high. So, back out to the car and the pills are sitting on the table. You know I cant leave them by the back door… same reason. Well now the “I don’t care fairies” have visited again and here I am.

Soooooo… I just made myself yet another “deal”. Tonight is my last night of letting those darn fairies effect me. I think it is time to sage the house and ask God to help me find that focus (not necessarily in that order). I am going to try to start in the morning… the cats usually wake me up earlier than my alarm. Maybe that is God’s way of telling me to do SOMETHING, like sweep the bathroom or box up a cabinet, or throw clothes in the washer. That puts me one step forward for when I get home. Let’s see how that pans out.

Shoot, might as well go put the clothes in the washer tonight so they can dry while I get ready for work tomorrow.

Now if I can just ignore those “distraction dodo birds” that like to play their silly games.

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