Hope comes…

What a great day! It started this morning with a friend sharing some good news, news that will take hard work but I know KNOW KNOW she has it in her! Could something I said actually have helped? Ah girl, you know I will be your cheerleader! Please lift her in prayer – I know I am!

Then it gets followed with an absolutely fabulous mentor meeting with my boss. Talk about someone who will bend over backwards to teach, guide, listen, encourage… this woman (her name is Becky – so lift her in prayer, too, because she has helped me beyond measure) is helping to create a world (not just a workplace) that is filled with respect and courage. Thank you Becky…thank you for encouraging and helping me build my confidence!

The last 3 1/2 months have taken a toll on me. Hope would show his face only to run and hide behind the monsters that bullied their way into the front of my every day…and night. Those monsters were doubt, confusion, loneliness and so many others that change their names like the wind changes directions.

Today… Hope stood up to them!

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