Four months since our last kiss

This picture was our first kiss as husband and wife. Four months ago was our last kiss. This is something that will forever stay with me. I have said before, I am sure I will say it many more times, I wish I could kiss him one more time. Or talk to him again. Or just SEE him sitting in his spot ONE MORE TIME. I cant have that.

They say it gets easier… well not so far. I mean some days are easier. Easier to breathe, easier to get through most of the day without a tear. Don’t get me wrong, he is on my mind most of the time. He is still with me but there are good chunks of time when he is like my shadow, moving with me in tandem. It is these next two days that hurt… hurt so deeply that I am amazed I can catch that breath. But I have continued to breathe …

As the sun rises tomorrow, the memories will flood my mind. I will remember every single moment of April 30th. I will cry. I will hurt. I will pray still. I will question many things but I will keep breathing.

And I will continue on the path of healing…

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