Dad’s birthday!

April 29th – Dad’s birthday.

A day to celebrate the man I loved the longest! My super hero daddy who fixed my Betsy Wetsy doll. The man who taught me to throw horseshoes and a softball. The man who I looked up to and did everything I could to garner his attention. We definitely had our issues, what father & daughter doesn’t? But I was such a lucky girl because he was my father, my dad, my daddy, my papa. Luckier still that he was my daughter’s Grandpa.

April 29th was always his day. That is, until April 29, 2019 when another memory would come to compete for attention. This day will never be only known as his birthday any longer.

It is now also the day of many lasts for me. The last time I cooked dinner for Mark. The last time I sat on the couch with him watching tv. The last time I could tell him about my day or listen to him about his day. The last time we bickered over whose turn it was to let the dogs out. The last time he would tap me on the shoulder to tell me I should go to bed because I fell asleep with the computer in my lap or more likely because my snoring was too loud! The last time I heard him tell me he loved me. The last time he heard me say I love you. The last time I kissed him goodnight.

April 29th. Happy birthday papa.

April 29th. I love you Mark. Good night.

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